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Learn how to conduct yourself in social situations with Social Interaction Trainer.

Aprende a cómo comportarte en situaciones sociales con el Entrenador de Interacción Social.

Aprenda como se comportar em situações sociais com o Treinador de Interação Social.

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Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, Flash
TagsMouse only, Point & Click
Average durationA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian


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SIT_win32.zip 34 MB
SIT_win64.zip 35 MB
SIT_osx32.zip 35 MB
SIT_osx64.zip 36 MB
SIT_linuxUniversal.zip 46 MB
SIT_android.zip 40 MB


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I had trouble with some of the levels so apparently I needed this! Thanks for a good game and a fun time :)

how do you do the park one!

Tried out the web version and absolutely loved this game! It felt like the perfect amount of challenging and goofy and some of the puzzles really made me think. The Park level didn't make too much since to me but I eventually figured out what I needed to do. Good job on an amazing little game!

I did a playthrough of the web version for anyone curious:

There's no more bits past Romance. Thats it. How do I get all of them?

Ikr i wanna do ALL of the interactions not 7 of them! Plz fix this.

Buy the game, baka.

Hi, I'm from Brazil, where and how I can find the texts to translate the game? Thanks so much!

Email me pigpen@googumproduce.com

hi there the game won't let me do the park part it just freezes on it

Sorry about that, new builds are up that fix that.

Game won't work past work. I get the congratulations your boss had a stroke, but funeral never opens up. :(


Still trying to solve this inconsistent bug, in the meantime use the unlocking code "PASSWORD123" typed on the mainmenu.

Thanks so much! I thought I was just THAT awkward that it knew I needed more training :P

you need to do parents first then funeral I think

i wish i had the cash

but sadly i don't


I know right,it feels boring.

how do i win in coffe?

When she's talking, you look at her. When you're talking, look at her. When you both stop talking, make yourself cross-eyed, and it'll make her laugh.

I love this but I don't know how to behave in the park! I get my butt kicked or I´m too timid

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EDIT: make her laugh to win!! cross your eyes (saw it on markiplier's channel)

when the person interuping stops talking, look at the clouds. bascllly you need to look at the bottom left


When the girl is talking, look at her, and look at her when/if you talk. When the guy comes, look at him, then quickly look to the other side (left).