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Restricted-RPS is a free-to-play online-multiplayer Swindl'emup for 6+ players.

Each player is given a set of Rock Paper Scissors cards and Star betting chips with which to play matches, trade, buy information and buy other players. As the cards dwindle down, two at a time, from being used in matches, who has what becomes critical information. Players try to figure out who to face, who to avoid, who to work with, who to betray so they can hoard the most Stars.

For more information on the rules of Restricted-RPS visit the wiki http://rrps.wikia.com/

  • Server v168 / Client v61 (October 4 2018):
    • Playercount that initiates Endclock is now admin-editable.
    • Employee ownership-chains can now be recursive (loop).
    • Employees are now allowed access to Manager.
    • Updated Character generator with: more eye/hairline/head/hair variation, necklaces, refined line art.
    • Player's names in chat are now uniquely colored.
    • Adds icons in sidebar for players that are your employee or have their debt.
    • Fixes multiple leaderboard bugs.
    • Fixes multiple server lagging and crashing issues.
    • Adds "psst..."


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Client v61 (win) 40 MB
Server v168 (all) 101 kB
Main Folder (win) 48 MB
Main Folder (osx) 74 MB
Main Folder (linux) 35 MB
Public Server Rights v1 161 bytes
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